Case Study 1: Politics and Supply Chain

Case Study 1: Politics and Supply Chain


Angelique Butler

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How Trump’s deglobalization policies hand How they Affect to Supply Chain.

Cheaper supplies elsewhere in the face of globalization has, possibly killed factory jobs while, at the same time Trump ran on the false hope that only he could bring these fobs back! Running on lies, but now, running out of time employers are red in the face at townhall meetings like the one I watch just last night (look up Elizabeth Warren) exclaimed loudly, ‘I have a plan that has to do with Green Energy and these out of work employees of….shook his head in disgust and asked Mrs. Warren if he could truly trust her words when Trumpp said what he said ad gad no way to back his words up! He didn’t even care to back up his words up. Cite Elizabeth Warren

‘So, in Brexit all of the integration with Japan, US, China, Brazil, and India cannot be toppedled in one day! (P. 229) It didn’t take a day to build the empires and to fatten the wallets of the politicians who now scream ‘look at the thieves! The foreigners who looks nothing like me! ‘They took our jobs!’


implications of Brexit for the UK economy. That didn’t work for the people but works for Trump who just may be re-elected on fear-mongering and over 1,000 bold-faced lies, (since his election 2years ago, and counting. Their displaced anger and ill-contempt for the foreigner has gotten these two countries in this huge mess that is Brexit and Donald Trump, and as I have learned in psychology class when people are angry they cannot think straight. So, instead they find someone to blame for their own complacency when all along this has been going on for over 30 years. (P. 227) Exacerbating mistrust in the systems created by politicians, who themselves have been regarded as increasingly self-serving and remote from the voters.’

332 Words!!


What might have happened to the supply chain and why, from a large Ebola crisis?

In looking at the pandemic, or should I say near pandemic, of the Swine Flu outbreak of the year 2009 ‘one of the main problems for the industries would have been the spread of disease to drivers and other logistics staff ‘who could easily spread this very contagious dis-ease throughout the country and then it would have been unstoppable. They did good to stop the Swine Flu in its tracks by canceling sporting events and having people stay in instead of socializing.


Disruption to forms of transportation? Why and how?

With people dying in a pandemic of course this would affect transportation because there would be no one to drive the trucks, flying the planes, behind the wheel of a ship (whole crews would be wiped out). Also, if there is pandemics in certain countries and if we didn’t want it to spread there are definitely certain places that would have to be quarantined, like say if Bangkok, Thailand were in an Ebola pandemic would we not put them under quarantine and shut down the hundreds of manufacturing facilities? Because of this pandemic factory workers, bosses, CEO’s sick dead or dying. Unable to go in and get products because of quarantine the products would just sit in warehouses. So, just replace the floods which shut down manufacturing facilities in 2011, with Ebola.

Los Angela’s universities is now under quarantine. More than 1,000 students and staff are told are told to stay home if they are not vaccinated. 2 carriers came from international flights. Don’t ignore the warning to stay home if not vaccinated and stay off of public transportation or you will Be fined or prosecuted. If unvaccinated 90% would contract measles. This can be quite serious if it had been Ebola and it had circulated thr an area where Logistics were involved. Manufacturers would be shut down due to employees being ill and under quarantined. ‘In a statement on Friday, the 26th of April, 2019, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health described the number of health officer orders for quarantine as “dynamic.” (New York Times.” So, students and faculty were only released from quarantine if they showed proof of immunization against measles or had been tested by a lab and put forth the proof.

The Katrina Disaster

August 2005 80% of the urban area of New Orleans flooded, which was strangely below sea level. This is part of the reasons why.’Treme went under water while the neighboring French Quarter remained dry, said Karen Huff, head of the Black Historical Society of San Diego, the largest black historical preservation group in the U.S. ‘For a long time, there were land covenants that restricted the sale of property to people of African descent,’ she said. ‘Now we’re seeing a devastation of African-American culture.’ (Bowean 2005) Treme was one of the oldest neighborhoods where free blacks could finally by land to build on, partially because the lower land was less expensive, in the marshes of New Orleans. ‘Before Katrina hit the city had already been evacuated of around 500,000 people.’ (Manners-Bell, 2018 P.84)


FEMA was very slow to respond. Why? Were they just overwhelmed by the scale of this devastation? (Manners-Bell, 2018 P.84) Roads and bridges destroyed communication became nearly impossible because the phone lines were down.


Why couldn’t FEMA had predicted the devastation as Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes had? The government failed in its duties due low management skills and a weak distribution strategy resulting in an inept response to the crisis. On the other hand retailers have total visibility of their fully owned transportation network, they also have sufficient drivers and strong, coordinated management. Maybe the retailers need to take over for FEMA?



Bowean, Lolly. 2005. Histoy’s Role in Color-Coding a City. September 25. Accessed April 28, 2019.

Manners-Bell. 2018. Supply Chain Risk Management. Koganpage.

Thank You Letter

Thank you so much for your considering me for the Food Truck job. Unfortunately this past quarter has been the hardest yet, what with snow days and assignments non-stopping, I didn’t pass Microsoft Word 2, ouch. Hopefully, when I am in good standing with the school in the near future we can negotiate some kind of an agreement in working for the food bank/food truck. I do plan on continued volunteering for Nourish Food Truck because I truly enjoy being helpful to others.

Thanks again and I apologize for any inconvenience.

Angelique Butler



Discussion Post 3: My Export and the Country to Which I Am Going to Export

The 3 countries I explored for my export plan were Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. Modifications were quite low as in in no language barriers, as well as having a high dependence on foreign trade. With all three countries there was a modern market with high levels of government services.
Now, the reason I chose Finland over Denmark and Iceland was because of their beautiful beaches. I could actually picture having a little sand hut there on the beach, selling my cowrie shells, necklaces, and bracelets. Building a storefront would be ideal for my company and exporting would be quite easy being that exports have gone up exponentially from 2013 at 1.1 to 2017 at 7.8. Economic growth has also gone up over the span of 2013-2017 going from-0.8 to 2.6. (

Cover Letter for Administrative Assistance Position

I feel like my skills and abilities are an excellent match for what you are looking for. I am currently a student enrolled st Tacoma Community College studying Business and very close to getting my Associates Degree and would like to know more about your opening as Administrative Assistant which is my field of study.

I am excited to apply for the position of Administrative Assistant at Nourish Pierce County which is known to be a leader in the food bank industry. I have 20+  years experience in the field of customer service working with the public in casinos from Reno’Nv to Muckleshoot casino in Aurburn, Washington.

Some of the special attributes that I can bring to this position are excellent computer skills. Recently taking Microsoft Word CU 1 and currently enrolled in Microsoft Word CU 2. Also currently enrolled in Accounting 101. Took Microsoft PowerPoint this passed Spring. Updating my skills in computers every quarter. Building websites is a hobby I would like to turn into a profession. (More descriptive)

I am very interested in interviewing for your Administrative Assistant position. I can be reached at and will touch bases with you in a couple of days to follow up.

Thank you for taking the time to review my resume. I am very interested in interviewing for this position and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please feel free to contact me at (253) 123-4567.

Thank you for your time.

Angelique Butler

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Week Eight Discussion Readings: Congress and Guns


February 24, 2018

In an effort to keep this course as topical as possible, this week’s readings address the issue of gun legislation. Once again, in the wake of a tragic mass shooting, calls are being made for Congress to enact restrictions on guns. Opponents claim that none of these restrictions is individually sufficient to prevent gun violence, while proponents contend that, taken together, certain restrictions can help to significantly reduce episodes like what occurred last week in Parkland, Florida, even if they can’t prevent them altogether.

The readings cover the last three years of this cycle of mass shootings and debates over gun restrictions. It is interesting to observe how media coverage of this topic is episodic: there will be a flurry of articles after each highly publicized mass shooting, and then relatively little until the next incident. After browsing through the readings, please address the following questions:



1) Why do you think Congress has been unable to pass any meaningful legislation to promote gun safety and to reduce gun violence?

First off a Republican Congress will fight vehemently against anything the Democrats are backing, there is so much bipartisan bickering going on I doubt if anything will be done through Congress.’ ‘Despite the enthusiasm of some Democrats like Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) the ‘path forward for almost any gun measure is cloudy at best in the Congress, as GOP leaders have given no hint that they will suddenly bring gun bills backed by Democrats to a vote in the House and Senate. (Feb 21, 2018)

Second U.S. Congress is up for reelection 2018.  Ballotpedia reported that ‘a total of 468 seats in the U.S. Congress (33 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for election on November 6, 2018. As every member of the House has to run every 2 years, which is referred to as ‘permanent campaigning’ in our text, incumbents especially have to be very careful not to ‘lose touch with their constituents or take an unpopular stand on an important policy’ such as gun control.

Third ‘over the past five years, more than 100 measures have been introduced in Congress to curb gun violence. None of them has passed.’ Because of NRA rhetoric, no bill seems to be able to pass.(June 2016)

2) If huge majorities of Americans favour actions such as universal background checks, what does this suggest to you about the nature of representative democracy in the U.S. today?

Being that the individuals who are elected look very different than their constituents the average American, as of today, Congress does not live up to the ideal of representative democracy. Bigley underrepresented are women and minority racial-ethnic groups.'(text p.299)

3) Do you think that this time will be different? What are the odds that Congress will finally enact curbs on access to guns in the wake of the Parkland shooting? Or might we see states take the lead on this issue?

States already seem to be taking the lead according to Ballotpedia, ‘the Oregon State Legislature passed House Bill 4145 on Thursday, which would expand the ban on firearm possession to include anyone with a domestic violence or stalking conviction.’ This is a step in the right direction because a man who was court marshalled for domestic violence, bought a gun, went to a church and shot and killed two-dozen worshippers. The sad thing is if the military had put his name in the national database this may not have happened. ‘But after it was revealed that the Air Force had failed to report Devin P. Kelley’s court-martial for domestic violence to the national database used in background checks for gun purchase,’ some members of Congress, including some Republicans, seem to at least agree with the objective of a bill put forward by Moore who was a domestic violence victim in her early twenties whos boyfriend would beat her and threaten her life with a gun. Moore’s bill would provide state and local authorities with money to set up reporting systems and seize the firearms of people involved in domestic violence cases. On the personal side, I have lost 3 good friends to domestic violence so I am all for this bill going state to state. Although ‘there is no guarantee that the new attention to the link between mass shootings and domestic violence will benefit Moore’s’ bill if one life is saved the bill would be well worth it.

Williams, Vanessa. Before Texas Shootings, Democratic Lawmakers Proposed Bills to Keep Guns Away from Domestic Abusers. WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post, Washington, 2017, US Newsstream,

US Sen, M. H. (2016, Jun 26). Guns, liberty and the law: Congress should represent american people, not NRA. Honolulu Star-Advertiser Retrieved from